Rules for using the weights and scales

  1. Place horizontally.
  2. Install the balance left and right before use (the working arrow should be set to “0” and the balancing nut should be adjusted in the opposite direction. Use the formula: upper edge left, adjustment left).
  3. The load cannot be held by hands, take it with tweezers. Do not wet or stain the weight (this will corrode and rust the weights, add weight and make the measurement inaccurate) and move the weight with tweezers.
  4. The mass of the object being measured must not go beyond the scale range or be lower than the minimum scale of the operating code of the scale.
  5. Damp objects and chemicals should not be placed directly on the weighing pan.
  6. When weighing, pay attention to the left and right code (the value of the work code is based on the scale line aligned to the left).
  7. After weighing, reset the free weight to zero and put the weight back in the weighing box with tweezers.                            

    Rules for using the weights and scales-MasterLi,China Factory,supplier,Manufacturer