Ultrasonic Doppler blood flow meter $750, made in China


Ultrasonic Doppler blood flow meter $750, made in China-MasterLi,China Factory,supplier,Manufacturer

Ultrasonic Doppler blood flow meter is a kind of equipment which uses the principle of ultrasonic Doppler to detect, store and print the blood flow velocity of superficial arteries and veins of human body.
The blood flow meter is composed of a blood flow meter host and an ultrasonic probe.
normal working condition
A) Ambient temperature:+5℃ ~+40℃;
B) relative humidity: ≤ 80%;
C) Atmospheric pressure: 860 ~ 1060 hPa;
Continuous wave mode (CW)-detection of superficial blood vessels
Ultrasonic working frequency: 7.5mhz 10%
Average spatial ultrasonic sound intensity isata: < 10mw/cm2
Maximum detection depth: 35mm
Blood flow velocity unit: “cm/s”.
Velocity range: 0 ~ 80 cm/s.
Arterial and venous blood flow detection:
Evaluation of penile blood flow in men.
It can measure the low systolic blood pressure of adult obese patients and infants.
Measure blood pressure of shock patients.
Detection of vascular embolism in lower limbs.
Evaluation of preoperative/postoperative condition of patients with peripheral artery.
Used for positioning blood vessels of patients during injection or cannula insertion.
Evaluation of dialysis function of artificial kidney by A-V Fistul.
Used to evaluate valve integrity of burn patients.
Evaluation of valve incompatibility.