The electron microscope has wifi and a 5-inch HD display



The electron microscope has wifi and a 5-inch HD display-MasterLi,China Factory,supplier,Manufacturer

roduct name: MS2
Maximum video pixel: 1920*1080
Optical size of lens: 1/4 ”
Photographing resolutions: 3m (2048 * 1536), 2m (1920 * 1080), 1m (1280 * 720)
Video resolution: VGA 720P 1080FHD
Video format: MOV
Focus mode: manual
Image format: JPG
Magnification: 500/1000
Digital zoom: support
Light source: 8 LED lights (adjustable brightness)
Focusing range: 10~40mm (long-range viewing)
PC resolution and image transmission rate: 1280*720/36fps
White balance: automatic
Exposure: automatic
PC operating system: Windos xp,win7,win8.1,win10, Mac OS x 10.5 or higher
Supported languages: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, English, Korean, French, German, Italian, Polish and Russian
Lens structure: 2G+IR
Aperture: F4.5
Lens viewing angle: 16
Interface and signal transmission mode: Micro/usb2.0
Operating temperature:–20°C ~ +60°C
Working humidity: 30%~85%Rh
Working current: 470mA
Power consumption: 2.35W APP Working environment: Android5.0 and above, ios8.0 and above WIFI implementation standard: IEEE 802.11b/g/n